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Your Business Data Sim Solution

Data Sims come in varied specifications depending on the business requirement we are able to provide data sims with Fixed I.P or Dynamic I.P address for 2 ways or one way communication between device and control centre.

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Our Services

We offer a varied range of Data Sim Cards suitable to the requirement depending on the nature of your operation.

Broadband Back Up

Its the requirement of every business, as an assurance and insurance to have steady internet in a time of need. Our company offers back up broadband. Since it will only be used in time of need, we offer an extremely competitive price of just £1.00 a day.

Remote Office/Display Centres

Our Data Sims is an ideal solution for Development site office, Onsite construction office, Quick deployment of resources. And for Product Display’s like, Pop up shops, Exhibition stalls & halls, Shopping mall kiosk and Roadside pop up food stalls. We have solutions for all of the above.

M2M (Machine to Machine)

M2M sim cards are graded sims with guaranteed constant upload and download speed M2M sim cards are widely used in machines and more enterprise and engineering use to create an ease for end users. We offer M2M sim cards on fixed IP or dynamic IP subject to your requirement.

Military and Marine utility

M2M sim cards are used for shipping cargo container tracking from Port to Port or from Port to delivery. Almost every logistic and transport company requires a reliability to able to locate and trace the shipment. M2M sim cards are widely used for shipping containers.

Traffic Lights / Neon signs

All the new traffic signals are equipped with M2M fixed IP 2 ways communication to manage and control the traffic flow. We provide M2M sim cards for new digital neon signs with pre-programmed parameter to enable manage, control and remotely upload new adverts.

Cargo Vessels

We provide an upgrade graded service for cargo vessels for upgrading their current satellite solution with LTE network to off load burden on satellite calls as well providing teleports for the crew members to make a Voip ( voice over I.P) call via LTE network

Exclusive Features

We understand every requirement is subject to the nature of the business and what is to be achieved in operation and end goal hence we are an agile company, offering tailor-made data packages as per your requirement.

One size does not fit all neither we believe in straight jacket approach. We understand the requirements and then suggest the correct data sim with flexibility to add the automatic data bundle to mitigate the overage charges.

For corporate and enterprise solution we can provide Public & also private APNS as per your requirement.

Shipping Communication and Entertainment package

We provide near-shore or on-shore communication for ships, cruises, cargo vessels offering a combination of LTE network Multi network sim with Flat rate in EU or competitive global rates subject to shipping leg journey to and from destination. We offer seamless switch over to LTE 4G network when the ship is near or on shore to mitigate satellite call cost and also to provide Crew members an ability and onboard passengers to initiate VOIP calls on fraction of price.

This enhances the reliability and efficiency as traditionally crew members and passengers on board had to go out fetching for local sim card to make a call to their loved ones in order to avoid hefty roaming charges, with the new IMSI technology we can provide local number to enable user making calls to their desired destination

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

If the data sims are fixed I.P for Epos failure or Epos back up, they are only likely to be used occasionally hence we offer very competitive line rental for the months sims are not used effectively we only charge for the data you will use in time of the need. Line rental is just keep the sims alive and active to be used anytime needed which is very nominal as compared to fixed data cost which goes waste for not using and competitor companies makes the full advantage of resourced fund receive.

Answers to Your Questions

Fixed I.P sims for retails sector

A Fixed IP SIM card is a data SIM with fixed or static IP address. This provides a secure and reliable 2-way connection between you and your device from any location. As an M2M SIM provider we can deliver Fixed IP sims same day or next day depending on service you require.. IP SIMs can be shipped with or without pre-configured with a router

Backup & Failover Fixed IP Data SIM Cards

We have most competitive prices for our Backup & Failover Fixed IP Data SIM. There is NO MOQ for data sims with no minimum data nor every month paying set high cost. We understand what back up means so you will only pay when you use your sim as back up or fail over for pay as you use fixed IP sims we provide flexible 24-36 months terms with peace of mind of monthly outgoing as minimal as possible with only service charges.

Broadband back up data sim cards

keep your business running and your staff productive even when your primary broadband line goes down. Ensuring business continuity is essential when your business relies on web-based services, potentially saving your business thousands of pounds in the event of loss of broadband.

you only pay for the data used when the back up Broadband SIMS are activated upon a fixed line outage.

New retail stores opening data Requirements

Easy deployment for the broadband in retail store in case of back up or in event of new opening of store with conventional broadband is not in place or have a long installation date, our data sims broad band fixed IP or Dynamic IP can offer full support, you will only pay for what you use than high fixed monthly cost.

Prices Starts from 0.96p a day ( subject to Terms and condition applies for contractual terms)

Risk Mitigation With Backup Broadband

Practically every business relying mostly on internet should have a backup broad band as their insurance policy in the time of need. Our lives are dependent on Internet so much that we feel something is missing without our phones/tablets/laptops/smart tv/mobile tv and list goes on….!


IOT (internet of things)

We offer varied range of IOT sim cards suitable to the requirement depending on the nature of operation we can identify and recommend the data bundle, most of the cases you will only pay for the data you will use. IOT sims are normally used for 10GB or less requirement

Let's Work Together!

We can provide Fixed IP,non Fixed IP data sim cards on bespoke basis, for further details please call us on


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